About Us

     My daughter was recently married. We planned the entire wedding and reception, start to finish. It was a beautiful day, one of the happiest of my life, but we were exhausted by the end of it. All of the planning, coordinating, and setup was so time consuming. I didn't feel I had a chance to just breathe and enjoy the day. As the happy couple drove away the reality of the cleanup set in and I wished that I could just go home and rest.
     I have dreamed of starting my own event planning business for years and decided that my vision would include a simpler way to do weddings and parties. A way that would free up the bride to enjoy the big day without all of the stress and headache that goes into the process.  
     What if the bride could pick a package that suits her taste as well as her budget and let me do the rest? What if she and her mother were free to enjoy that special time together? What if there were only one check to write, one person to handle all of the details, one day to shine without stress?
     That's when Events Made Simple was born. My goal is to bring  together locals to give clients the best experience possible while providing a platform for artisans, craftsmen, and  small businesses to work together and help one another grow.